Training is the starting point in my ministry but consulting comes alongside to guide the application of that training, so I refer to myself as a Trainer/Consultant. My work as a consultant, then, is housed within a specific context. That context is the movement through vitalization or revitalization using a process that I have developed over the course of twenty-plus years. That process is articulated in my training material (found by returning to the home page and clicking TRAIN). This graduated material includes:

G.O.1: Building Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix

G.O.2: Expanding Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix

G.O.3: Extending Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix

G.O.1.X: Building Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix (Expanded Version)

G.O.1, G.O.2 and G.O.3 are delivered during live on-site training events. G.O.1.X is the curriculum used in GO Clusters, online training that spans one year with a cohort of pastors and leaders.

Leadership Ladder Training

X52: Great Commission Skills for Pastors & Leaders

As a consultant, I am more directive than I would be if serving as a coach, especially since my engagement as a consultant is linked to my original training materials. In this role, I endeavor to guide both direction and speed, keeping the initiative to vitalize or revitalize on track and on pace as the training is applied through planning and implementation.