Books by Ken Priddy

The Leadership Ladder: Developing Missional Leaders in Your Church – Co-Authored with Dr. Steve Ogne and available at churchsmart.com

The Leadership Ladder Workbook – available at churchsmart.com

VACANCY: Finding Who’s Missing & Bringing Them Home (Manuscript Edition)

E-Books by Ken Priddy (Amazon Kindle or Kindle App)

The Silent Church: 39 Reasons We Keep the Good News to Ourselves

Jubal’s Worship Primer: Leading Worship & Leading Worship Leaders

Videos by Ken Priddy

Why Not Here? Why Not Now? (Short Version)


Why Not Here? Why Not Now? (Long Version)


GO Talk #1: How to Discern, Develop & Declare Vision

GO Talk #4: How to Cast Vision & Create Ownership

Articles by Ken Priddy

See Great Commission Research Journal

See The Church Revitalizer (Magazine)