My Bio

In broad strokes, I”m a ministry development practitioner, working as a trainer, consultant and coach. As Executive Director of the GO Center. I provide revitalization training, consultation and coaching for multiple denominations, small businesses and non-profits, and I periodically teach as an adjunct/guest professor/lecturer with several evangelical colleges and seminaries. My wife, Sharon, and I have four adult children, four grandchildren and reside in Richmond, VA.

My ministry history is heavily weighted in church planting and revitalization.  A former church planter and revitalization pastor, I have, since 2000, devoted myself primarily to working with pastors and church leaders to establish health, growth and multiplication in their churches. More recently, my work has expanded into engaging with small businesses and non-profits.

Academically, I hold the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  My D. Min. dissertation is titled, ReStarting the Dying Church.  I also hold the Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies from Newburgh Theological Seminary in Newburgh, IN.   My Ph.D. dissertation, titled, A Theology of Multiplication, has been developed into a book titled VACANCY: Finding Who’s Missing & Bringing Them Home. This timely book considers the biblical underpinning for both qualitative and quantitative growth in the church.


From my perspective, Dr. Kenneth Priddy is one of the top two or three authorities on church revitalization in the United States.  His approach to renewing churches is biblically sound, practically useful, and strategically solid.  If you wish to see your church be fruitful in its evangelism and outreach, I advise you to listen, learn, and leverage Dr. Priddy’s insights for kingdom growth.   

Gary L. McIntosh, Ph.D., Professor of Christian Ministry & Leadership, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University    



Oregon Hill is a historic, if not notorious, neighborhood in the heart of Richmond, VA, just west of downtown. Growing up there in the fifties and sixties, the “Hill” was known by outsiders as a place to avoid, with good reason. The streets, sidewalks, alleys, school yards and playgrounds were tough terrain, though my athletic skills somehow gave me a street cred that kept me out of most fights. Several of the guys I grew up with had trouble with the law, working their way through small time crime and juvenile detention to major felonies, earning them time in state and federal prisons. The difference for me was that, when the lights shut down at the playground and the gym at night, I went home to a mother and father who were committed to Jesus Christ. I came to know Jesus as Savior at a very young age, but it would be years before I would come to know Him as Lord, the Leader of my life.

Embracing Jesus as Savior was easy enough. I believed in God and I had a sense of my sin even as a child. I could see in myself wrong actions, wrong words, and wrong motives. Looking back, I realize that I felt age-appropriate regret and guilt, and it seemed reasonable to me that these choices were not pleasing to God, that there would be an accounting. Of course, I could never have expressed it like that at ten or twelve, but the relationship between crime and punishment made sense to me, especially in my neighborhood where sandlot baseball players were literally carted off the ball diamond by Richmond police en route to juvenile detention. Something inside told me that the Bible was true, and the Bible told me that I could be free from this sin and its accompanying judgment if I received Jesus as my Savior – so I did, simple as that, walking the church aisle with my father one Sunday evening when the “invitation” was given.


That’s as far as it went for years. I had soul insurance so eternity was covered, but eternity was a long way off. My philosophy of life was simple: survival of the fittest plus play the hand you’re dealt plus the sky’s the limit. I considered myself among the fittest, able to play my hand, and that I would, indeed, reach the sky. In fact, reaching the sky became easier over time because the sky began falling. Sure, I married young to my equally young bride, Sharon, and the first of our four children came along in a few years. All that was great, but my pursuit of a music career sputtered, paying the bills but not launching me into the national spotlight as needed and expected.

An encounter with the Spirit of God one August evening in 1975 was a game changer, or perhaps since I was an artist, I should say it was a rewriting of the script, a surprising plot twist. All along I had thought that I was my own playwright, but that night it became clear that God was my ultimate Author. As I prayed that night, I sensed God’s presence in a deeper way than I had before, and I felt Him challenge me to give my whole life, and not just my eternal soul, to Jesus. I was to relinquish control and He was to take control, an altogether troubling proposition. Included in this special moment was a calling to use my musical gifts for His glory, to use music in ministry.

I’d love to say that I wholeheartedly made that commitment and everything has been wonderful ever since. Not true! It’s been up and down with seasons of being completely dialed into God’s Spirit and other seasons of wondering where my faithfulness had gone. But looking at my life from the sky view, that sky’s the limit sky, that sky is falling sky, I can see beyond doubt that God has always been faithful, has always been loving, has always been gracious, has always been merciful. My marriage has been a joyful journey, kids and grandkids are special beyond belief, and ministry has thrived. The sky is no longer the limit.


One day, in heaven, I will be at home with Jesus. In the meantime, on earth, Jesus is at home with me. No words could adequately express what I have found in Him, and the truth is, He is the one who found me. I want, I pray, that, if you don’t already, you will come to have at least what I have in Jesus, my Savior and my Lord. Trust me, He can do much more with your life than you can on your own. Don’t you, too, want to be found?

So, that’s a quick sketch of my spiritual journey. If you’d like me to help you with yours, please get in touch. Really!



1975 Bachelor of Music Education; Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond, VA

1993 Master of Divinity M.Div.); Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando, FL

1999 Certification; The Church Planting Institute (CPI) studying under the direction of Bob Logan, Steve Ogne and Tom Nebel

2001 Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.); Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando, FL; Dissertation:  ReStarting the Dying Church

2003 Certification as a Corporate Trainer:  Train-the-Trainer Program; Dr. Edward E. Jones – The Management Institute; University of Richmond – Richmond, VA

2011 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biblical Studies; Newburgh Theological Seminary – Newburgh, IN; Dissertation: A Theology of Multiplication

2019 Certification – Change Management; Prosci, Inc., Ft. Collins, CO

2019 Certificate – Innovation Management; IBMI – International Business Management Institute, Berlin, Germany

Credentials: Licensed and Ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Organizations: Member – Great Commission Research Network; Member – National Speakers Association

Ministry Experience:

2014 – Present; Executive Director – The GO Center – formerly a ministry of the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, now, an independent non-profit corporation

2009 – 2017 ; President – The Ken Priddy Group, Inc.

2008 – 2013; Church Development Director – Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

2007 – 2013; Director of Church Renewal – Outreach North America, the home missions agency of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

1997 – Present; Guest/Adjunct Faculty for a number of colleges and seminaries including thus far Erskine Theological Seminary, Due West and Columbia, SC, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL, Crown College, St. Bonifacius, MN, and Bethel College, Mishawaka, IN

2000 – 2009; Co-Founder and President – United Front Ministries – This ministry provided training, coaching and consultation in church revitalization and laid the foundation for the Ken Priddy Group.

1993 – 2000; Senior Pastor – Bridgeway Community Church – Phoenix, AZ. Bridgeway was a revitalization project that saw the church grow from 13 – 350 during the seven years of my pastorate.

1994 – 2002; Conference Staff:  Trainer, Coach, Worship Leader – the Church Multiplication Training Center – Colorado Springs, CO.  In the early years, my work with CMTC was in church planter training, but shifted to revitalization training as my work in Phoenix was translated into training for other pastors and leaders.

1991 – 1993; Worship Director – River Oaks Presbyterian Church (PCA) – a church plant in Lake Mary, FL.  My role also included small groups and general church plant development as a part time position during M. Div. studies at RTS-Orlando.

1985 – 1990; Executive Director – North Coast Presbyterian Church (PCA) – achurch plant in Encinitas, CA.  My role included leading music and worship, overseeing drama, marketing and communications, Bible teaching and discipleship, and serving as chief of staff.  The plant grew to some 1200 attendees during my five-year tenure.

1975 – 1985; Professional Musician – Secular: Clubs, Studios and Concerts; Christian Musician – Concert and Recording Ministry


Teach a Church to Fish – High M-PACT Revitalization

The Silent Church: 39 Reasons We Keep the Good News to Ourselves (E-Book)

Jubal’s Worship Primer: Leading Worship & Leading Worship Leaders (E-Book)

VACANCY: Finding Who’s Missing & Bringing Them Home (Manuscript Edition)

G.O.1: Building Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix

G.O.2: Expanding Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix

G.O.3. Extending Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix

The Leadership Ladder (co-authored with Dr. Steve Ogne – Book & Workbook available from ChurchSmart)

Presentation: Church Turnaround: Perspectives, Principles and Practices; Delivered to the Great Commission Research Network Conference at Biola University, La Mirada, CA, on November 11, 2011.  Published in the Great Commission Research Journal, Spring 2012.

Family: Wife, Sharon (46 years and counting) – Four Children and Four Grandchildren, so far.