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Developing Great Commission Leaders through Training, Consulting & Coaching
5th Gear Focus draws its inspiration from the book, 5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There Is Never Enough Time. This practical book is written by Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram and is included in The GiANT Worldwide Leadership Essentials that I encountered while completing GiANT Worldwide CORE Leadership Training. GiANT Worldwide is a leadership development organization that was founded in the UK and is enjoying impact around the globe. GiANT’s training has added to my ability to lead and to develop leaders through training, consulting and coaching.

The 5 Gears
1st Gear – Recharge Mode: Personal recharge, completely unplugged
2nd Gear – Connect Mode: Being present with family or friends without work
3rd Gear – Social Mode: Being present with people, can shift up or down easily
4th Gear – Task Mode: Multitasking; working hard in various ways
5th Gear – Focus Mode: Single-Tasking, focused on the big picture and moving quickly – BEING IN THE ZONE!

Big Picture Vision to Reality
5th Gear is the working gear that produces vision, strategy, big picture planning and entrepreneurial thinking. It’s the gear for dreaming dreams and beginning to move those dreams toward reality. Most leaders are stuck in 4th Gear, multi-tasking through the day, week, month, and year, trying to meet expectations and demands. GiANT Worldwide, in its books and in its training materials, argues that most leaders rarely, if ever, make it to 5th Gear. Why? Because time demands made by both the expected and the unexpected won’t allow for 5th Gear, or, because their wiring and training have never made 5th Gear a priority or even a possibility.

Personal Invitation to One-on-One Interaction
I am inviting pastors, church leaders and Christian business leaders to spend a day with me one-on-one, immersed in 5th Gear Focus. We’ll focus on 5th Gear development and use the opportunity for real vision and strategy planning with an entrepreneurial focus on multiplication and expanding process capacity. Leaders will disengage from their day to day responsibilities for a day away from those 4th Gear tasks that typically prevent 5th Gear opportunities. To secure the work of that special day, I am offering to connect with participating leaders for a year of 5th Gear consultant coaching that will included unlimited email and phone access to me plus 8 scheduled phone conferences. The cost for all of the above is $3000.00. The cost for the one-day 5th Gear Focus only is $1200.00. 5th Gear Focus happens in my office/studio/workshop space in Richmond, VA. Other locations can be negotiated and would include travel expenses.

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