Welcome to KENPRIDDY.COM Web Center for LEADERTOWN

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Communication & Information Center

WELCOME: Thank you for connecting with KENPRIDDY.COM, the communication and information center for LEADERTOWN. Recently, I set up LEADERTOWN as a dba (doing business as). Once it’s up and running and firing on all cylinders, LEADERTOWN will probably incorporate, but for now, I’m keeping it simple. I invite you to check the site often for added information and access to a leadership development tool box that will continue to expand.

LEADERTOWN might be one place where all chiefs and no Indians makes perfect sense. Organizational effectiveness rises and falls with leadership and LEADERTOWN is positioned to help leaders and their organizations develop to their maximum potential.

Whether you’re leading or aspiring to lead in a for-profit or non-profit corporation or business, a church, a school, a ministry, a start-up, a department, a team, a working group, a whatever, leadership boils down to a simple bottom line – successfully moving people. Leadership is about successfully leading people toward accomplishing organizational goals and objectives. LEADERTOWN is your leadership development resource.

Ken Priddy, Ph.D.

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