LEADERTOWN is a Boomer town that empowers its citizens – Baby Boomers – to make the best of the rest of our lives. My name is Ken Priddy and I’m the Mayor of LEADERTOWN. How did I obtain such a lofty position? Simple: I founded LEADERTOWN and, as its original and only citizen at the outset, I elected myself Mayor.

OK, so I’m kidding, sort of. The mayor thing is just for fun, but, seriously, I wanted to create a company that focused on the empowerment of leaders, specifically, visionary leaders who are Baby Boomers. I’m not just talking about movers and shakers, perhaps I should say, “Boomers and shakers.” I’m talking about regular folks, leaders of all varieties, starting with those Boomers who simply want to lead themselves out of their current status quo into something more interesting, more exciting, more adventurous, more impactful, more anything. Leadership begins by leading ourselves, then we grow into leading others. Ask yourself, “Where do I want to go? What do I want to do? How do I get there?” Reality Check: Now is the time! We cannot wait! The sun will soon be setting on our lives! It’s now or never – really!

I know, we Boomers have been led to believe that we’re done already, that it’s time to retire and move to the side so that younger generations can do their thing. I disagree. I say we still have a thing that needs doing, and we have much to offer. We have years of experience, we have expertise, some of us are financially set and, if we’ve retired, we have time to invest. We have perspective, we know how life works, we’ve been there, done that, in so many areas of life. Now is not the time the hang up the cleats and get off of the playing field. Now is the time, perhaps, to make our greatest contributions ever.

As Mayor, I have a message. That message is this: Boomers, let’s make the best of the rest of our lives. I’m taking that message far and wide through speaking engagements, through writing, and, no kidding, through musical performance. Music was my profession until I was 35 years old when I moved into ministry through music and the arts. At 71, I’ve decided to jump back on stage and go for it – Boomer Classics performed by a Classic Boomer. Why not? I love 20th century music and I bet you do, too. I want to entertain, to encourage, to inform, and perhaps, even to inspire. I do all this in LEADERTOWN, a metropolis of Boomer empowerment.

For me, LEADERTOWN is the very place where I’m going to figure out what I’m going to be when I grow up. The sky’s the limit. Why don’t you think about becoming a citizen of LEADERTOWN, too.

Yours truly,

Ken Priddy, Mayor

ken.leadertown@gmail.com – 804-306-7942 – P.O. Box 15421, Richmond, VA 23227